I’m writing my research paper on the effect of romance novels on relationships. The paper will focus primarily on the mindset of women as a result of reading romance novels and the resulting perception they glean of men as a result.

The  paper will follow the effects/ distribution of romance novels, the reasons why women read romance novels, the effects of romance novels on women (in regards to self-perception and their perception of men), the effects of romance novels on women’s relationships, and the focus of research needed in the future and why.

One article I will be using to argue that the reputation of romance novels being shallow, superficial tomes is an article talking about New York Times Best Selling romance author, Eloisa James.

James holds degrees from Harvard, Yale and Oxford, is the daughter of famous poet, Robert Bly, and is a professor of Shakespeare at Harvard University. She also happens to be married to an Italian knight. James says that the biggest misconception the public has concerning romance novels is that they are “porn for women”. “There are sexual parts to my books because I’m very interested in marriage and sex. Marital problems and marital joy tend to be played out in the bedroom,” says James.

Donehue, D. (2007). 5 Questions for ‘Duchesses’ Scribe Eloisa James. USA Today. Retrieved from http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/2007-05-23-eloisa-james_N.htm



Dozens of New York publishers and authors are scheduled to attend the Georgia Romance Writers 2011 Moonlight and Magnolias Conference.

Opportunity for Undiscovered Writers

Georgia Romance Writers Leaving a Lasting Legacy


New York Publishers will be searching for new Authors in Atlanta

By Brenna Crowder

Local writers are polishing off their manuscripts in an effort to prepare for the upcoming Moonlight and Magnolias Conference set to take place Sept. 29 through Oct.2, 2011 sponsored by the prestigious Georgia Romance Writers Association based in Atlanta.

The M&M Conference is a highly anticipated, annual conference that has become increasingly known in the publishing industry as a legitimate opportunity for budding authors in the South East to pitch their work to agents and editors based out of New York and beyond.

Many of today’s successful authors can trace their big break back to connections and prospects afforded them at the M&M conference.

“I would never have known where to start or what in the world I was doing had it not been for my experience at Georgia Romance Writers,” said published author Carol Burnside. “The knowledge you can gather just from attending their conferences is invaluable.”

In addition to the opportunity to rub elbows with big wigs of the publishing industry, conference attendees can take advantage of a comprehensive schedule of craft and marketing workshops and an invitation to attend the prestigious Maggie Award Ceremony and after-party.


Editors and Agents Scouting for New Clients

Georgia Romance Writers has earned a reputation for hosting editors and agents who are current and respected in the industry, providing the best opportunity imaginable for authors planning to pitch their books for consideration.

“Without a doubt, the biggest draw of a conference like this one is the opportunity to sit down with an agent or editor and pitch your work to them in person,” said author and chair of the 2011 Maggie Award Contest, Darcy Crowder. “It’s a dream come true for writers who have always imagined these people to be larger than life, because you see that they’re just everyday people who enjoy a good book as much as the next person.”

This year’s line-up of industry professionals is impressive as usual, including representatives from four different literary agencies, as well as editors from New York houses: St. Martin’s Press, Harlequin Enterprises, Sourcebooks Inc, Berkley Group/ Penguin, and Bethany House Publisher.

Keynote Speakers and Public Book Signings promise a Star-Studded Event

Among the many attractions attendees can expect to find at the M&M Conference, New York Times Best-Selling Authors are among them.

The conference Key Note speaker will be New York Times Best-Selling author Eloisa James, who has made a lasting impression on the romance genre not only with her sought-after pros, but with her support of the genre in the world of academia.

Other speakers include Georgia Romance Writers member and best-selling author Karen White, as well as award-winning author Leigh Michaels who has published more than 100 books.

Each of these authors and dozens more will be signing at the M&M conference book signing, from which a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit Georgia Literacy.

Conference Registration Filling Up Fast

The deadline to register for the Georgia Romance Writers’ Moonlight and Magnolias Conference is Sept. 15, 2011.

The event is to be held at the Decatur Hotel and Conference Center. Hotel rooms fill up fast so registrants are urged to book a room early.

“This is really just such a great opportunity for both new and seasoned authors,” said Crowder. “There is something for everyone to learn, and never underestimate the power of networking. Anyone who even thinks they might be interested should just bite the bullet and register for the conference. They won’t be sorry.”

The Georgia Romance Writers Association is a publishing industry gem that has been bettering the careers and networking opportunities for authors living in the Atlanta area and across the South East for over three decades.

A division of the national group, Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers enjoyed a humble beginning with only a handful of members at the time of its conception.

But over the years the organization has grown by leaps and bounds, boasting the membership of such prestigious names as Nora Roberts, Iris Johansson, Haywood Smith, Dianna Love, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Georgia Romance Writers is currently gearing up to host its annual Moonlight and Magnolia Conference, where authors, editors and agents gather in Atlanta to network, pitch, attend book signings and participate in networking parties that benefit careers for years after the fact.

This year’s conference theme is The Course of True Love and will take place Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2011.

In addition to its annual conference, Georgia Romance Writers holds monthly meetings, usually consisting of 100 to 150 members, once a month at the Decatur Hotel and Conference Center. Meetings address current issues in the writing industry, often entail a workshop or two on writing craft, and offer members the chance to make real and lasting connections within the industry.

With the new wave of electronic readers, e-books, and self-publishing currently taking over the publishing industry over the past year, there is no doubt that Georgia Romance Writers will continue to be an invaluable resource to Atlanta’s new and experienced authors alike.

For more information, visit Georgia Romance Writers’ website at http://www.georgiaromancewriters.org

The Answer

A man once said all things must fall

or sway

miss, falter, be.

The lesson learned

is once forgot

and learned again.

Mystery and legend walk hand in hand

through the ever thickening plot

till all that’s left of the dreams of man

is all that man forgot.

And the sun is setting

no time to wonder

the answer is final

the reward outstretched.

And to fall is to question

what has no meaning

to miss

the point reject.

So the path beyond self

is the way that leads to life

cause the answer’s only a detour

and desire proves the seed of peace.

And the moment’s growing

faster each day

till the last second finds you unprepared and


So open your eyes now

 be still and listen

and perspective will

find you itself

All the world’s a stage and

each new breathe a page,

In the ever changing script

That sets our dreams to drift,

and in these moments striving yearns

and these drifters soon to learn

that the answers to the questions

are already there

and in all the staging world

in this breathless dance we twirl

until all the dreams are lived

until every effort give

the poem is complete

the legend writ

-brenna lauren

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